2009: old challenges, new resolve.

Happy new year!

 2009 promises to be an exiciting year for my family (if you don’t know why, ask my brother or my sister-in-law…) . It is already off to a great start as I am happy to announce donors to our annual holiday drive were up 100% from last year! States represented include New York, California, Illinois and good ol’ Massachusetts.  Anyone interested in donating still, please fell free! (Just click on the link to the left)

So, what to make of 2009. New hopes, new challenges, and a lot of the same stuff facing us as last year.  From the local concerns of our families, our cities, to the problems farther away –  Africa, the Middle East, Haiti, there’s so much that continues to be wrong. We way wish the New Year gave everyone a completely fresh start, that on January 1st, all these problems  would cease to exist and we could start from scratch. But, we know that’s not the way it works.

What can happen though, is I can resolve, you can resolve, to do that little bit more this year to be of use to someone else. Chances are next year, this time, we’ll be looking at many of the same world problems, but maybe our own personal drop in the bucket will let us know someone, somewhere, was that little bit better off thanks to something it didn’t even take much for us to do. Anyhow, that’s what I’ll be aiming for in 2009.

Thanks so much again to all of you who donated to the drive this year- you have already made a real difference in the lives of some kids in need.

God bless you all this year. Happy 2009!


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