Out Like A Lamb (Or Two!)….And Some Health Care Thoughts

My friends, or whomever, it’s no April Fool’s joke as I announce the arrival of two perfect beings brought to us courtesy of  my sister- in- law Amy and my brother Alex (mainly courtesy of Amy, but, you know…. ). They are: Jacob Michael Danesco and Ryan James Danesco. 

file000 If you wonder which is which here: Jake’s dad has gotten to calling him “The Big Man” while Ryan has been dubbed , well, at least by me, “Lil Head.”  So, let the picture and those names be your guide. They are actually both bigger now and at great fighting weights after a easy birthday. And they are, of course, awesome beyond all telling.   The middle names are each a tribute to their grandfathers.

Speaking of which, I am happy- and that word doesnt really begin to describe it – to say my dad is doing much better and while he isn’t home yet, he’s on the road back. Been a long, hard five weeks.  Another long stretch ahead. But he’ll do it.  He’s bringing his A game to his recovery process. Thanks for all the good thoughts and the prayers and we’ll keep you posted (though, no, not on Facebook…hehheh).

And SO,  this month, health care is on my mind. I look at my dad and  I look at those two bright-eyed, beautiful boys – The Big Man and Lil’ Head — and I think of the great care theyve each received. And then I think: what if we lived in a third world country?  I can’t finish that thought.  (And that’s not to say there arent plenty of people here without access to our great medical system, either….)

And so how do we employ the “drop in the bucket” philosophy and make a difference to people who need health care? No, seriously, I’m asking you – how do we do this? Any suggestions? Let me know and I’ll put them  up here: anything involving health care – thoughts,  ideas from your job, info on organizations, anecdotes. It doesnt have to be about some place far away.  It doesn’t have to be about money. It just has to be about health care and helping people get to it- kids, vets, homeless, senior citizens, mentally ill…

Im going to get the ball rolling with the website address for Doctors Without Borders: doctorswithoutborders.org

You can also check out the side bar to the right  for some health links —>

Now, your turn!


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