Local and Global: Homegrown Health Help

Sticking with the month’s health-for-everyone theme:

The other day when reviewing a list of charities that accept donated junk cars (see below entry on Ziggy…), I found this great organization located right in Randolph, MA connected to St. Boniface Church in Quincy, MA . It has an amazing program helping provide health care in rural Haiti: they set up a hospital and they provide scholarships to nursing and med students in Haiti.  I mean, they set up a HOSPITAL for crying out loud!  Four stars on Charity Navigator…and their website is fantastic!

So, fellow Massachussettsians and other New Englanders,  give it a look: http://www.haitihealth.org/dev/index.php/site/page/healthcare

If youre closer to the New York area, how about this group I just saw based in New York City. It’s co-founded by Paul Simon and provides health care for kids in poverty in NYC and elsewhere. And that’s what we’re all about this month, making sure everyone gets health care. http://www.childrenshealthfund.org/about-us/mission

And last, I don’t know if you read about this, but a playwright named Lynn Nottage won a Pulitzer Prize for her play ‘Ruined’ the other day. It’s about women who are victims of sexual violence in Dem Republic of Congo (and as we know there are tens of thousands.) This got me thinking about their huge medical needs – both physical and emotional, as well as other victims of the war in the eastern part of the country. Looking around I found this amazing Doctors Without Borders site. They include a blog where medical personnel  on the ground in the DRC write about the day to day care of patients there. I mean, you can literally read about what they did today treating patients.  You can also check out the other features on the site- information, photos, reports….It’s the power of the web!   http://www.condition-critical.org/category/blogs/

Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone for your ongoing support for my dad and our family.  He’s doing so much better and is definitely headed home soon!


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