A One Drop Story: The Guys Who Moved Ziggy

Today was a really good day.

Well, no, it was a great day for the family- my dad came home!! Home, after two and a half months in various hospitals. Amen. Can’t say enough about the nurses, therapists and staff at NE Sinai, cannot say enough….And thanks to all of you who have been keeping tabs on us through this all! It made such a difference to us!

It was such a weird day with the record heat and my Dad coming back home. It was like picking him up from his dorm or something. But it was a great day, two months and change in the making…

So, anyhow, two and a half months had gone, yes, but  alas Ziggy, the valiant 97 Ford Escort was still in the yard, stranded like a 12 year old metal beached whale with a broken head gasket: “Thar she almost blew up!”. As mentioned below, I had signed up to donate Zig to a  local Haitian health charity run by a church in Quincy. The problem was, the guy came to tow Ziggy but the car was too close to the fence to get a hook into. He couldnt move it himself and the battery was dead. This was last Friday.

So often on, as I tend to do, I obsessed over how to get that car moved. I wanted it gone before Dad came back. I just wanted it done. Alex came over Sunday night and tried to move it on his own and then with some help from me. Help in air quotes.  As strong as his arms have gotten hauling twins around, he couldnt get the thing to do more than rock forward some.  He said he’d be back over the next weekend with chains. I didnt want to see where that might lead….

So I kept thinking – I called AAA but they dont handle dead cars that arent registered. I thought about  calling a local tow company- which seemed extreme to move a wagon 10 feet. Eventually, I decided to give up worrying and figured Alex and his chains, or more realistically Alex and my brother in law Dereck when he showed up in May, could move Ziggy ten feet eventually, and in the scope of things, it wasn’t important.

However, the car was still in the yard, and you know how something will just knaw at you? “I need to get that done. I need to get that done. I need to get that done.” Plus, and perhaps more importantly,  the car was getting in the way of my garden. Dont mess with my garden.


So I wasnt quite done worrying. But then – as is often the case- something I wasnt expecting happened. The guy who was supposed to do the towing called back and when I told him we’d just get in touch when we moved it, he insisted he’d do it and would be over later that night. All right, have at.

So he shows up,  but he couldnt get Ziggy to turn over no matter how much juice he gave ‘er. So, he’s tinkering and charging and charging and tinkering, and my mom suggests maybe I go across the street and as the neighbor guy who was out with his kids. She also pointed out the guy in the other half of our duplex was back from work. His apartment is a homebase  for a carpool, so there were 3-4 other guys with him. Well, just then, weirdly, the guy across the street headed over to talk to the guy next door and as they disappeared I was left neighborless.

So– I look to the driveway next door again and realize, sitting in a car,  three other carpool guys. They were working-all-day-dirty – theyre roofers, I think- and had probably been out all day in the record heat. I felt bad, and I didnt know them from Adam, but they were right there, so I asked “Can you help me?”. They were out of the car in about two seconds and heading to move the car.

First lesson: Good things can come from leaving your comfort zone and asking for help.

So, the three of them – all shorter than I am and probably 20 pounds lighter –  line up at the front of the wagon. They take a beat to realize the tow guy is going to steer. And then, as if they’d been on a team their whole lives, in sync and without a word , they push-  and in about ten seconds, they move the car I thought was going to be sitting there for another month.

It was such a simple thing, but there was something really – I don’t know, it was just a cool moment: three strangers, different language, different ethnicity than mine,  been working all day- they had no hesitation to help me. And there was something cool about how they worked together as if on instinct and how they were each strong –made me realize I wish I was stronger– and also strong together. It was just really, really cool. And the guy who was there to tow was really nice too, very determined to do his job. And a problem I couldnt figure out- solved.


073m  <—– Ziggy on the way to the great donation car lot in the sky

What can I say? It makes you realize what we can each be to each other. Just a little bit if help, you know? Just by saying ‘yes’ and going a little out of your way. Help give someone a little peace of mind, help someone have an easier time, help someone move something they can’t move on their own. Man, that’s an awesome gift we can give and also recieve, you know? And it doesn’t take too much.

Today was a great day.


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