Cans for The Pan: PanMass Challenge Fundraiser


Like others of you perhaps (Foxboro readers holla…),  I just got an email from our old friend Janet Sozio Yukna (I need to stop calling my friends “old”!) . Her husband Thad is biking the Pan Mass Challenge (again!) this year. You know about the Pan-Mass Challenge   if you live in Massachusetts: it’s the bike across the better part of our state dedicated to raising money for The Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute. And what better cause is there than Dana Farber?  Janet has offered us some cool ways we can help support Thad and the race. Here, I’ll let her explain:

In an effort to raise money for the Pan-Mass Challenge/Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Thad and I are holding a bottle/can drive on May 30th from 9-1 in Wrentham Center (the parking lot on the corner of 1A and 140).  If you would like to donate your MA 5¢ returnables to our fundraiser, bring ’em down!  We’d greatly appreciate it.  With tight financial times, we figured this would be a good way to raise money AND help the environment (not to mention help some of us clean out our garage of bottles/cans that have been slated for return for the past 6 months!  We did!!) 

 If Wrentham is too far, but you’d still like to particpate, you can return them to your nearest redemption center and send us a check made to Pan-Mass Challenge or donate directly by going to the Pan-Mass site  ( and  click on e-gift.  Then enter in Thad’s rider number (TY0008).  Our home address is 1171 West Street, Wrentham, MA 02093.

Please feel free to pass the word around.  We are hoping this will be a great success!ake care and honestly, there is no obligation….we just thought we’d ask! -janet”

Do with it as you will, gentle readers. (And you know y’all can just contact Janet on your facebook if you have any questions…)


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