“Not A Jesus Who Tortures Children”

So, Becca got an email just tonight from a church friend of hers in Alabama. As you know, Becca has a CIA-like network of contacts all around the country. This friend, Jana, had seen a Nightline report that detailed some pretty horrific stuff going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the name of  some people’s distorted view of – or exploitative use of – Christianity . And she was moved to get the word out. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: isn’t The DRC referred to as “the rape capital of the world?” . Yes it is. And isn’t the DRC where thousands and thousands of kids are kidnapped and forced to be child soliders, drugged, sexually abused, and forced to murder? That would also be correct. So what’s worse than that?

Well, I don’t know if this is worse, because all of it is horrific – but this is the situation: children by the thousands are being accused of witchcraft  and are then being forced into these grusome, torture-like “exorcisms” run by “pastors ” who are claiming to have some religious power to get rid of the witchcraft– for a price.  The kids are often abandoned afterwards and forced to live on the streets, according to the Nightline report and Save The Children.

I’m not really doing the situation justice.  Please watch the 3 and a half minute clip of Nightline.

There’s an article that goes with it too. You may actually want to read the article first.

There’s also an article at USAToday that I haven’t read yet in its entirety, but it’s where I got this entry title from. It’s by the same Nightline guy.

If you feel compelled to do something, check this page from Nightline. One of this blog’s usual go-to’s,  Save The Children , is also involved in the DRC and seems to be in the thick of this situation.  (Like how I just used the journalistic third person there? Nice.)

I personally found the video very disturbing. It isn’t easy, but Im trying to not judge the people who are doing this to the children,  trying to judge only the acts themselves.  I can’t say if I went through what people in the DRC have gone through- horrible war, poverty, if I had no education – that I wouldn’t think and act the way they are. 

But I guess the second part of that is, if  you  or I CAN see how bad it is,  than we probably need to be among the ones who help stop the people who can’t see it yet. 

 Of course this is another one of those “we can’t any of us single handledly stop this practice” — but that’s the drop in the bucket concept for you. Do what thing you can do. Or as Don Cheadle says in my favorite quote from that Darfur documentary “What can you do? I don’t know. Something. Something ‘s better than nothing. ” (It doesn’t sound very profound, but the way he says it is cool and kind of funny.)  Or as Becca says “We need to be love for people.”  I think these kids need it as much as anyone – and for that matter, so do these perpetrators.

Anyhow, I hope you will watch that clip and then drop as you see fit.


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