Look at all the little Americans….

So, today is the 3rd of July, and it seems time to get another topic going. And that topic is ….American Children- specifically, what  are some distinct  (or even universal) issues they contend with?  What are some organizations that working with them or on their behalf? 

This topic was inspired by the recent horrible local news here in Massachusetts about a boy beaten to death by his own father. We live in a great country with a high standard of living,  and so sometimes its hard to remember some kids can just be lost.  You just wonder how many kids are out there, needing someone to look in on their lives and help them.

But what I realized is, I know a lot of people in professions that deal with kids and I know a LOT of parents. So what I want to do this month is ask you what your thoughts are:

What are the problems you see kids having to deal with in this country- kids, teenagers, all of  them? And what are things you see working to help make a difference?  These can be local things, national things, whatever. Anything related to this topic is of interest. I hope you’ll chip in your two-cents.  Leave it as a comment,email me, facebook me, whatever.  I’ll post it here to spread the word.

For now, I’m going to begin with this link which has 25 Organizations Helping Kids  in the U.S.  Hey, saves me from having to list them all separately.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and learning from them.

And now here it is folks, your moment of twin:



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