The Jimmy Fund Summer and deciding Beth’s fate in the fall….

As this is “Helping American Kids” month, or whatever the heck I’m calling it here at OnePageFor, I thought I would give a mention to The Jimmy Fund. Like most people, and for you parents it’s probably even moreso, I hate the idea of kids being sick, especially seriously sick, to the point I don’t even like to write about it. But The Jimmy Fund, as a lot of you from New England know, helps kids with cancer – and adults, too- fight the illness and in more and more cases, beat it.  They seemed like a good  organization to focus on for one of these blog entries on helping kids in the U.S.  So here are some bits and pieces:

First, I don’t know if you know this or not, Facebook friends, but The Jimmy Fund has a Facebook presence and if you fan them, you get updates  about what they’re doing. I like it because they don’t flood you every five seconds but you can keep updated. They also have an official website, of course. So you may want to look at either of those.

Second, The Jimmy Fund, again, as people from New England know, is supported big time by The Boston Red Sox. I looked it up and their annual telethon is coming up in August 26-27th.   So as you’re watching the Sox vs. Sox (Chicago, holla!) you’ll have the annual chance to donate .  I’m sure it will have extra meaning to the Sox this season as Jerry Remy has been fighting cancer.  It  always puts things in perspective for me – to see the kids who are sick but so resilient,  and it’s also interesting  to see the time and energy the players put in, interacting with the kids. It’s a great example of simple one-on-one connection making a difference. Plus it’s cool to see the  donation tally go up as people add their drop to the bucket. So there’s that.

I also wanted to give another mention to the Jimmy Fund’s huge fundraiser, the Pan Mass Challenge, which is a bike across the better part of the state. It takes place August 1-2. Some of you may have read the entry about our old friend and FOO (Friend Of OnePageFor) Janet, and how her husband, Thad, is riding the Challenge. It’s not too late to sponsor him or another rider if you feel so moved.

And this brings us to how you can control my fate.

This fall, there is a Jimmy Fund “Marathon Walk” and I am thinking of doing the half-marathon route – 13.1 miles. This is walking, all right, I’m not running anywhere!  It seems like a good cause and I think I can pull it off and the fundraising minimum is within doable range. But I’m still sort of on the fence. So I thought I would put it to a vote.

Specifically, if ten people leave a comment below,  message me on Facebook or email me –  saying I should do the half-marathon Jimmy Fund walk, I will sign up and do it. And voting doesnt mean you have to give me money!  I mean, you could, but…Right now, I’m just looking for a consensus through audience participation.

 So what do you think – do I walk or not? My fate is in your hands. The vote deadline is, let’s say, July 15th. Thanks for reading.

And now here it is folks, your moment of Ben:





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