Meanwhile, this kid is flying…

See the connection – I’m walking; she’s flying?

Anyhow, continuing on Helping American Children month, or whatever this is called (I’ve been trying to avoid saying American Kids for fear of the automatic connection to the John Mellencamp lyric…) , here’s a story that I thought was really inspiring:

Out in Compton, CA, this 15-year old girl, Kimberly Anyadike,  became what is believed to be the youngest African American female to fly solo cross country. I did a variety of things at age 15 but flying a plane across the country wasnt one of them.  She did have an ” adult safety pilot” with her- which is only sane – and – and this is the part that I found moving- she also had an 87-year-old veteran of the Tuskeegee Airmen with her and she dedicated her flight to those men.


 How cool must it have been for her to fly with one of her actual idols on board and how cool must it have been for a guy who – 60 years ago- wasn’t even allowed to be a regular fighter pilot – to watch this African American kid fly like this? I love this story.

You can read about it here.

But more than just loving this story, I love that there’s an organization in Compton helping kids do this kind of thing. They call themselves the Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum .  There’s a video about it on their site here.  It’s a mentoring program that gets kids to learn to fly.  I mean, fly- how cool is that?!  You can also check them and Kimberly out at Facebook. Of course… So, another group in America doing their bit to add a drop in the bucket for local kids.


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