Remember those field trips to the theatre….

Every summer for the last two years  I’ve gone on a vacation to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I know you’re thinking “Beth, you work 20 minutes a week and dont have to chase around kids- why do you need a vacation?” Anyhow.

The OSF  isn’t really a “festival”, it’s a theatre company in Ashland, OR that puts on a ton of plays ‘in repertory’ – which means there’s anywhere from 3 to like, 9 plays — or something, going on any month and actors in the company will appear in several, sometimes in one day.  There’s Shakespeare, new plays, American classics, all kinds of stuff. They split the shows between three venues-  a cool old Elizabethan theatre (mainly in summer), a little black box theatre, and a “regular” theatre. Anthony Heald (Guber from Boston Public ) is a regular lead there, but there are tons of talented actors. It’s just a really cool place – I never thought I’d be a person going to see Shakespeare – or really, theatre, even, for fun!! But it really is fun and it’s a place I’d definitely reccommend to just about anyone.

So, though  I’m not usually a big shout-outer for “theatre in the schools” type programs  ( though I guess I should be given my career of choice) I am here. OSF has a program that brings kids to the theatre and theatre to the kids and it’s such a great company that I’m sure their programs must also be really cool. So I thought I’d put a link here for them in American Kids month. So here it is

And here also is your moment of …the big kids eating ice cream.



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