It’s another month – the last month of summer, and it’s flying by!

I’m going to make this month about Haiti .   Because I can. I was inspired to do so because I revised and moved the website for Sheepfold School of the Good Shepherd School, which is a school some of us – maybe including you! – have supported over the years during the holiday drive.

Haiti has a lot of problems stemming from poverty (and the poverty stems from various forms of injustice and corruption….). It’s the well known list: hunger, a high AIDS rate, illiteracy, unemployment, environmental degredation, violence. And one result of these things is that  thousands of children are living on the streets or in conditions of servitiude – either their parents have died or can’t care for the children.  If you search the internet, you can see there are a lot of orphanages in Haiti. Between providing food and shelter and vocational training and education, Sheepfold School, Fr. Luc, and the people who help him, are the living embodiment of the drop in the bucket philosophy. They’re helping 400 children survive and work for a better life.

So, here’s rudimentary (I made it after all…)  website for Sheepfold School .  Ideally, I’d love to rig it so Fr Luc  could blog and share the day to day life of the kids. But I don’t know how feasible that is – they do have computers there and he does have an email address- but we’ll see. 

I also thought  some people may like this article that was online recently. It’s by a guy who was in Haiti recently with Wycleff Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation, which is a grassroots group dedicated to Haitian development. I thought the author made some good points about getting involved in things on a small level- you don’t need to be a millionaire and build a hospital. He also had some insights into what he saw. So check it if you like.

You might also want to check out the site for YeleHaiti. I’m not really up on Wyclef Jean’s music, Fugees or post-Fugees, but I know he is a proud Haitian and he has had this organization going for a while now.

All right, all for now. Thanks for reading, and here it is folks, your moment of twin:



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