The Philanthropist

 I was flipping channels tonight and I noticed NBC’s pretty good action series The Philanthropist was featuring an episode in Haiti today. I’m watching it right now. It’s not exactly a PBS Newshour look at contemporary Haiti, but it deals with some of the stuff going on in the country and is pretty entertaining. Co-star Jesse Martin from Law & Order has a good chunk of role tonight.

You can watch it on or 

 If you haven’t seen The Philanthropist, it’s about this cocky billionaire who decides to spread some of his wealth after a family tragedy and things he sees doing deals. Action and adventure and do-gooding ensue. It’s kind of like Macgyver, except, instead of physics and chemistry, the main character uses money to get out of stuff.  Plus being a tough guy and having an even tougher bodyguard (Omar from The Wire.) 

So check if you like.

Here’s your moment of twin:



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