Mamas and Mummas

I wanted to post this link to an article I read a while back by Nicholas Kristof – who posts on facebook like 50 times a day- about the complex problem of high birth rates in Haiti .  I also found the video- even better!  It involves this family:

If you wanted to see some video of what Haiti looks like these days, watch this. In any case, I thought it was really interesting and Kristof demonstrated that the soaring birth rate of 3rd world countries, Haiti included, is not a simple problem with a simple answer. But it is a crucial issue. The pieces also served as  reminders to me that real people  are behind these issues we sometimes can look at theoretically.

I also too a look to see what stories I could find about Haiti in the news and I came up with this one about a father-son team doing this  bike race thing to raise money for an organization-  International Child Care -running a hospital in Port-Au-Prince. I love these guys’ last name:

“The Mummas will take the 25-mile route. Keith Mumma said about 30 ICC supporters, mainly from Texas, will participate in Hotter ‘N Hell, but he said some of them will take different routes.  ICC owns Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Mumma said ICC supporters who plan to ride in Hotter ‘N Hell are calling their participation in it the Race for Grace.  Grace Children’s Hospital was founded in 1967 and annually treats hundreds of children with tuberculosis and other diseases. The hospital also provides HIV/AIDS treatment services and has a reproductive health clinic and one of the best eye clinics in the Caribbean.”

ICC is apparently “mainly supported” by the United Methodist and Lutheran Evangelical Churches, which are two denominations here in the U.S. 

I decided to look these people up and I found a cool site about Grace Hospital.  Looks like they’re doing some really great things in a place where the need for medical help is huge. So, if you’re interested, take a look around.

All right, all for now. Thanks for reading. And here it is now, folks, your moment of twin:



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