Back To School x 200

Back To School….

I was going to wrap up Haiti month with an article about street kids in Haiti, especially the servant kids known was restevacs, but instead, I’m going to plug Sheepfold School one more time, and kind of bring it full circle.

It has been cool seeing all my friends sending their kids off to school (or starting school in their home, EVMA holla). All those awesome kids going to learn and start out on their way. I know a lot of teachers, too, going back to work doing a tough job- toughest I’ve ever had, I’ll tell you that much.  The Fall is for so many people, the start of a new year. Maybe more even than January is. It’s September – clean slate, new grade, new year.

So this made me think of Sheepfold of The Good Shepherd School and how Fr Luc and his colleagues have to get 200 kids out of bed in the morning! Well, least they don’t need to make a bus!

Haiti is a country with huge challenges – and this blog month hasnt even scratched the surface of the how’s and why’s and all. Of all the people who are faced with these challenges, I guess the kids are the ones I feel for the most. Will the get a shot to live up to their potential? Sheepfold of The Good Shepherd School is one of many places that is trying to answer that question with “Yes.”  They are awesome and we can help them be even awesome-er.

So, anyhow, if you’re interested in getting involved with the school, let me know. Otherwise, thanks for reading this month and I hope if youre among the ones sending kids off to school that it all goes smoothly. My friends and family have wonderful kids.

A whole new subject matter begins at the end of the week. Hope you’ll stop by.

And now here it is folks, your moment of twin:

027Grammy talks to Jakers.


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