Sky’s The Limit Month

This month I’m going to be focusing on people and organizations around the world who are working to educate  and empower girls and women- particularly in the developing world. Im doing this inspired by a few things.


First, I was thinking of how my niece Sarah, who is awesome, is turning nine this month, and how much she is learning and discovering and how much potential she has. And then I was thinking of how my niece Lexi, also awesome, is starting grade school and how much she is learning and discovering and how potential she has.051

I was thinking then of how I hope the world keeps getting bigger and bigger for them and how I hope our world in general keeps getting better and better for females to go out and do what their male counterparts can.   And then I was thinking of how millions of girls  today deprived of basic freedoms, education, and even personal safety simply because they’re girls. That’s something that needs to change. Every girl deserves the same opportunities Sarah and Lexi have. So,  let’s look into how we can be part of making that happen. The sky should be the limit for every kid.


   Another reason I picked this subject, is that one of my favorite columnists, Nicholas Kristoff, and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn- both Pulitizer prize winners-  are releasing a book on this subject – Half The Sky.  

 That title comes from a Chinese proverb about women holding up half the sky ( and men the other half.)  The point of the book is that the end of poverty and increased stablitity in the world can be brought about by educating and empowering women.  I have been following Kristoff’s articles and reports on women all over the world who overcome great odds to improve their lives and the lives of others.  I am looking forward to reading the book and reporting on it in this blog. I might even go meet Mr. Kristoff in October when he hosts a book event in Boston.

So to start with, here’s the website for the book.  And the website for the online class Kristoff is giving related to the book. And Kristoff’s video site.  And his facebook page and twitter page. This guy facebook posts like crazy!

I’m also offering a link to an amazing page on the NYTimes   website of photos from all around the world of organizations and people helping women. This is a site that would make anyone think about photojournalism as a career or hobby.

So that’s the start of our month! I hope you will email and message me with any suggestions for topics!



One thought on “Sky’s The Limit Month

  1. Now I have to go and get the book…and read it! Thanks for giving me more to do 🙂 As always – great blogs!

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