Law & Order: Liberian SVU

All right, so, continuing Sky’s The Limit Month…further inspired by Nicholas Krisoff and Sheryl WuDunn’s book  (doesn’t the name WuDunn make you want to go woo-wooo….like a train?) or the only part of their book I’ve read so far- a section called “4 things you can do in the next ten minutes,” — I went to the Kiva site and I made my first microloan! It’s exciting! It was amazing to look at the different small businesses on the Kiva site run by women – most with husbands and kids. Empowerment right there in front of you. In the US,  it’s not a big deal for a woman to run a small business or even a big business, but in a lot of countries where women aren’t educated or aren’t allowed to say, drive cars or vote, these small enterprises are a huge deal and their success is ultimately great for the whole society.

So, I made my loan to a woman in Liberia who sells dried meats. Looking up some information about Liberia,  I came upon this awesome video which shows how Liberian women are taking empowerment to an excellent level. You may know that the president of Liberia is the first female president of an African country.  Under her leadership, a lot of emphasis is being placed on stopping sexual and “domestic” violence against women. If women have basic physical security, the sky’s the limit to what they can achieve next. Check it:

Sexual violence and rape as a war crime. Sex trafficking and forced prostitution.  These are huge obstacles standing in the way of women and in the wa of the progress of humanity. We can do something about it…. I need to read more of this book.

Thanks for stopping by. And now, your moment of twin: well, Lexi and Sarah pretending to be Sarah and a twin! LOL



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