Educating Girls & Women: Sarah’s comment



It’s good to go to school because I get to learn new things.. Some people don’t even get to learn new things, their parents can’t even teach them. There’s no education.

My favorite class is art because it’s fun to create different stories with pictures to tell to other people. When I grow up I want to be a reporter and write stories and write things.  My favorite books are mysteries. Kit Kitteridge was my favorite mystery and that was kind of in the Depression time so that book would be good for other kids to learn. She’s also a reporter.

Besides school, I go to the park that’s down the street. I ring bells. It’s very fun because I get to ring in front of my church. And swimming is my other favorite thing to do.

People should help other people get education so more people in the world can help other people who are sick.

PS – Ben says hi.

TO HELP GIRLS LIVE UP TO THEIR POTENTIAL IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD CHECK OUT CAMFED.COM  a group endorsed by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn in Half The Sky.


3 thoughts on “Educating Girls & Women: Sarah’s comment

  1. yay sarah! education is important. and im glad to see it is important to you.
    im excited to see what else you have to say about other things you like to do. i think mom should have you do a journal or write stories now so that when you grow older you can look back, or build from the ideas you had when you were 9. 🙂
    you ring bells?? cool beans! i cant wait to see you up there soon. do you ring the big bells or the medium sized ones or the small ones??
    oh, and my favorite thing in the week is going to your house and being able to do art with you and ben 🙂 just thought id let you know

    ps. tell ben i said hi too.

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