Half The Sky

So, I just finished Half The Sky, the book I’ve been blogging about all this time, and , you gotta read it.  I was going to do a review of it here, but, I’m feeling kind of zen about it and, really, you just gotta read it yourself. It choked me up several times. It inspired me. It made me mad. It made me curious. It made me realize how much I don’t know.  It’s got personal stories, facts, suggestions, humility, respect, optimism, righteous indignation, and real emotional punch. It’s like a handbook for people who want to be aware and active and compassionate. It’s pretty awesome, as books go. And it’s very readable.

So here’s my deal for all you readers of One Page For…:  leave your name and address in my comments section below, and I will seriously send you a copy of this book.  And I know there will be tons available, because Oprah’s fixing  to talk about it Thursday, and once she does that, they’ll issue about a billion printings of it. (Of course, feel free to buy your own, Im just offering…)

Seriously. This book is awesome.  So let me know if you want one. 



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