Sky’s The Limit Month Finale: The Fight Begins


Wow! Wrapping up Sky’s The Limit month, I want to say thanks for making it our best month yet!  Increased visitors, increased posts, new connections, new content– cool! Thanks especially to Christy for the great interview, to all the new people who stopped by and left messages, including some awesome, encouraging ones for my neice, and to the girl herself, Sarah Jackson, for sharing her thoughts.

I also want to leave with a few wrap up thoughts about Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half The Sky and the movement they hope to fire-up. I know I keep pushing the book, but it’s so good… (Let me know if you want one!)

Kristof and WuDunn make several key points which I hope we all take with us:

1. As a moral matter, the struggle to confront the widespread, systematic, multi-faceted  abuse of the basic human rights of females,  especially those in the developing world – and to replace these abuses with equality and dignity and opportunity  – is the greatest human rights challenge of our times.

2. As a practical matter, empowering women and girls is the key to replacing world poverty and extremism with development and openness; too many countries are leaving half their population out of goverance, half their brain power illiterate, half their work force untrained, half their people, unsafe and unhealthy. Countries where women are strong and successful are strong and successful countries. Helping women helps us all.

3. Every individual has the ability to make a difference in this struggle in simple ways. That’s the truth. The bucket is big, all drops are needed.

To get involved, I really recommend their website which has so many links to different groups. Any part of this struggle you’re interested in: sponsoring a girl in school, making a microloan, providing for maternal health clinics, stopping sex slavery – there are groups that can give you the opportunity to get involved.

I hope you will find a place for yourself in this movement. And I hope you will do it knowing that somewhere in a spot you may not even know exists, there is a girl you may never know by name, a girl with the smarts and eagerness and potential of the wonderful girls we know here at home, and she is waiting for something to change so she can do all she  is capable of  doing in this life.  You can be that change.

That’s what this movement is about. That ‘s who this movement is about- a girl who deserves, as they say in that song Sarah likes to get stuck in my head “a chance to fly.”   And I’m sure you’d agree, as they say in  Mulan II (that classic) whereever and whomever that girl may be – she’s  “a girl worth fighting for.”  


Thanks so much for reading. Next theme coming soon!



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