Food Month

All right, now that it’s halfway through October, I guess I should get going with the topic of the month. I’ve chosen – as you can see by the title – food. World Food Day yesterday inspired me, as did the coming of Halloween, which is sort of kickoff of food holidays. Oh, chocolate, why must you have so many calories…

What direction the blogging will take from there on,I don’t know. One angle I guess will be looking into some organizations that help people who need food get it.  I want to learn more about agri-business, too- like how much sway it has in politics (corn syrup industry), how ethanol is effecting world food supplies, how our trade policies may be keeping small farmers in developing nations from getting a fair shake,  how third world producers of stuff- like chocolate – treat their workers. So I will post what I find out – I know almost nothing about it now. Maybe I’ll do a little looking into healthy eating and America’s obesity epidemic and all that stuff. I don’t know.

I may also write about how Ben has candy he can stick to his face. benface

So, to begin with, here are a few links:

Oxfam explains how trade rules can be rigged. I love it- it’s cartoons and they’re really funny.

Here’s Save The Children’s page on global hunger.

And now I’m going to go have a sandwich…


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