Can’t tell the players without a World Food Programme

Here’s the second installment of Food Month. And I would like to begin with a stunt. No, I am not going to walk another 13 miles and ask people for money (though I am taking donations through the end of the month…) It’s simply this:  if ten people visit this blog and leave a comment here or on Facebook I will fast on Sunday and donate $25 to a food-related charity.

All right, so, on with the blog:

I guess one angle to look at during Food Month is what’s being called The World Food Crisis.

According to the World Food Programme, over 1 billion people don’t have enough food. Here’s a link to their page where you can check out the numbers for yourself. (Personally, I like getting the stats.)

World Food Programme Facts on World Food Crisis  

I mean, seriously, a billion people? Imagine if your kids start saying they’re hungry and you just plain don’t have any food for them? Or you can see food at the market but can’t afford it- no food stamp in these countries.



And multiply this scenario a million times over.

So, what is the World Food Programme doing about this? Well, they do a lot of on the ground stuff, which you can read about on their site. There’s a lot of information there.  I’m going to have to do some more looking around.

But as far as ways for us to add a drop to their bucket, they have this online movement One Billion for One Billion. Personally, it’s starting to  seem to me like there’s an online movement for everything. I guess it’s good- videos, facebook, twitter, get the word out, give people access. But sometimes I wonder if  they’re sort of cancelling each other out.

Anyhow, check it:

There’s also a group called Friends of the World Food Programme  that’s sort of the American support branch. They have a page where you can put up money for specific things (x amount buys enough for this or that) and  other ways to get involved.

Anyhow, I’m just learning about the WFP and it looks like they do some cool stuff that I’ll report back on later.

More later. Thanks for reading.




2 thoughts on “Can’t tell the players without a World Food Programme

  1. Here is my comment so you can fast on Sunday 🙂 We will be picking apples…which are healthy…so that’s a good thing. I gotta start taking the kids to some of these sights!

  2. My comment for fasting is you are the most generous, sweetest, intelligent young lady and I love you! Thank you for donating to my charity in honor of me being an old fart!!

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