Hungry where?

All right, so, taking a swing to the domestic side of food –  and hunger.  Far too many people go hungry in America. It’s sort of insane when you look around and see how much food we have. I mean, it isn’t that there’s a shortage of food itself.

(Ryan never lets any mushed veggies go to waste…)IMG_5765

I thought I would just list a couple links for local/state/regional/national  food organizations that are helping to fight the problem of  hunger in America.  Please feel free to send me any links to places you know about. 

First, maybe it’s good to get a handle on the scope of things (I do this when trying to manage my credit cards lol) So here is a site with some sobering and frustrating facts. This  organization here is called FRAC (which is awesome if you watch Battlestar Galacatica…). It stands for Food Research and Action Center. They run the Campaign To End Child Hunger. Their celebrity artist is one parents may be familiar with – Tomie dePaola. That’s just a little trivia for you.

Tomie dePaola tomie


Their site has some ways you can get involved in helping stop child hunger in the U.S. 

Project Bread-  This is in Massachusetts. This  group is a lot of things. They are the people behind the Walk for Hunger — which made 3.9 million for feeding people this spring! They have an informative website – and if youre looking for Christmas cards (ug, too early!), consider these.

Feeding America – A lot of stuff on this site about hunger in America and getting involved locally including a feature that lets you find your local foodbank .  Beyonce is also a fan of this group.  And Im sure Kanye will tell you she does it better than you. I apologize for that played out joke.

You can find Project Bread and Feeding America on Facebook (of course).

If you live in or around Rhode Island, you’re probably quite familiar with Alan Shawn Feinstein whose name as well as his philanthropic endeavors are all over the state. He has sponsored the Feinstein Institute For A Hunger Free America  at URI. It’s  interesting, even sponsors a college minor in Hunger Studies.

Network for Good has a whole section for finding local opportunities to help stop hunger.

And then there’s these guys:

I know this is just a small sampling. It really is amazing how many group out there on the community level are trying to help get food to hungry people. There are so many listings for food banks.


An update on my fast. Admittedly, I got up pretty late, so it’s not like I havent eaten in hours (well, I havent, but it doesnt seem like that.) Instead, it is just this weird thing where I realize how second nature it is to think “Oh, Im a little hungry, Im going to go eat something.” That’s how it is- if I’m hungry, I can just go into the kitchen and eat. I don’t think twice. Today, I have to curb that and everytime I do I think how so many people are hungry and have no option to eat.  Not a bad thing for me to be reminded of.

Thanks for reading.


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