The food chain: random lunch thought


I just got a mailing from Oxfam about its new movement to get people organized to fight hunger. It mentioned a bunch of things – like how it doesnt take US money so it can say what it wants about political situations – which got me thinking about that. Another article was about how a road helped a village get food.  Gotta read that – more about “development over aid.” Another blurb talked about how ethanol is ridiculously inefficient. Gotta learn about that issue.  A website page of theirs has a list of agriculture gifts – like Heifer International style- and it included manure – gotta buy that for my brother for Christmas….

The point Im trying to make is the issue of food is huge! It’s like I pulled the carrot leaves and the carrot just keeps coming out of the ground. GIANT CARROT!!! 

There’s so much to learn. This may end up being a two-monther!



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