Meat Me Halfway Part II

So, I was looking around for some other info on whether or not meat is okay or the food of Satan and I came across two fact-filled articles which, of course, argue opposite points.


One is this one on HuffPost ( which, honestly I don’t really dig too much as a website. It takes longer to load than most sites. It’s very negative – which I don’t like even if I agree with the person’s position, and there is way too much coverage of entertainment stuff in a tabloidy way.)  But this article had a nice clear list of the anti-meat people’s facts and figure regarding the environmental impact of meat.

But hold your horses, or cows, because this article,  on, written by two “ethical ranchers” ( one of whom wrote a book called The Righteous Pork Chop)  has a  different perspective.  They are anti-factory farm but makes some points about how “good meat, less meat” is a workable alternative to “no meat”.   

As for good meat, they suggest goat. If you saw the movie Drag Me To Hell, you may find this more amusing than if you haven’t. (I closed my eyes during that part…and Im ashamed I just posted that youtube link lol)

Interestingly, among the multitude of articles for that these two authors have,  one about a cow who gets pneumonia. I haven’t read it it but it ties in nicely – and weirdly- to my next point which is to break from food for a moment and say-

Today is World Pneumonia Day.   Why does such a thing exist? Well:


What the?

A lot of people like Bono’s people, the Gates Foundation and Save The Children  and UNICEF  are doing things to stop this from remaining true. . You can add a drop to that bucket as you see fit.

You know one of the things discovered was that breastfeeding cuts the chances of infection, especially for girl babies. In a strange way this brings us back to food.  lol. Zinc helps stave off pneumonia, too. What kids eat – or don’t eat matters. The unicef video says malnutrition contributes to 1/3 of all kids’ deaths including pneumonia. Ridiculous.

All right, so, some stuff about meat. Some stuff about malnutrition. What else? Oh, following up on the fast of last week, I am giving  $10 donation to Greater Boston Food Bank. Hey, they sent me something in the mail just at the right time, so, they win. lol.

And let me include a recipe here.


1. Get a Milky Way Bar

2.  Cut one end off and shove some peanuts in it.

3. Eat it.

Heh , heh , heh…


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