So you should never put bananas in the ….banana cream pudding?


“No bananas were harmed in the manufacture of this pudding.”
-Michael Danesco,

My dad just made some Jell-O Cook & Serve Banana Cream Pudding.

Two interesting things I learned from this:

1. Banana only has 2 “n’s” which means I’ve been spelling it wrong my entire life.

2. There are no actual bananas in this mix

The ingredients:  sugar, dextrose, cornstarch, modified cornstarch (what?), salt, and less than 2% of: natural flavor (what?), artificial flavor, calcium carrageen – (“thickener”) , polysorbate 60 (“prevents scorching”…hey,what happened to polysorbate 80?) , yellow 5, yellow 6.

Yes, we have no banana’s today. But I’ll still eat the pudding. Im pretty sure the kind Becca makes which is AWESOME is probably more natural (since she doesn’t tend to have her own stash of polysorbates) – but as far as fat and calorite content, I think, well, the recipe is from Paula Dean. You do the math.

But I’ll still eat that pudding, too!


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