Sometimes I’m worried we’ll run out of fish…

This came out a few years ago, but apparently it’s still an issue:

 The breakdown: we could run out of fish in forty years.   And by “we,” I mean “Earth.”  I’m serious– the WORLD MAY RUN OUT OF FISH!


The problem- overfishing and the fact fish is the “sole source of protein for one billion people.” But mainly overfishing – see this from the World Wildlife Fund for more info.  I like the WWF, they have good calendars.

Anyhow, I have no ethical concerns about eating fish. Because they’re fish. But, maybe it filters into the whole over-doing it issue involved with meat and factory farming. Knowing this situation exists is maybe important. Anyhow, it related to food and the idea of their just being no fish in the oceans freaks me out a little.


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