Checking out of Food month


All right, time to move on to a new theme. I feel like I’ve barely skimmed the surface! But it was a very interesting month, at least for me lol.

A few last minute things.

First, for those of you concerned with the situation and war in Afghanistan, you will likely be interested in this article about an underreported issue there.  One-third of the country’s population is “food insecure’ – meaning they dont have sure access to enough food. Hunger kills 25 times more Afghanis than war violence, according to the latest stats.

Second, anyone wondering what the Obama Administration has been doing about big Ag and food quality in the US may want to read this editorial assessment. It gives some basic facts along with opinion.

Third,I came across this cool organization called Vitamin Angels which brings essential vitamins to kids in developing countries where malnutrition keeps kids sick, stunts their progress, and otherwise holds them back. Seems like a very targeted approach to helping.

And last, check out Nick Kristoff’s article  on the chemicals in our food that shouldnt be in our food.

Now, here’s a little bit of what I feel like I learned.

1. There’s a thing called The UN World Food Programme which delivers food to about 100 million people in need and does a whole lot more.

2. Helping promote development  – in order to promote self-sufficiency and the ability to withstand drought – is preferable to just    bringing food after the crises begins

3.  Factory farming is kind of nasty and bad for the environment. But there’s a downside to not eating “ethical meat”, too. I may cut down on meat. So far, not so much.

4. I waste too much food and I eat too much food.

5.  Obesity is has a causal link to many kinds of cancer.


7. Cadbury UK went Fair Trade!

8.  There are thousands of people trying to alleviate hunger and we can join them locally and internationally.

9. There are no bananas in banana pudding by Jello.

10. People love pictures of giant carrots. 

Thanks so much for reading! I really have been enjoying this blogging and I hope you have enjoyed reading. Your support means a great deal to me.


Coming Monday- a whole new month……

HINT: This next theme is the one that started it all!!!


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