I went to St Augustine’s, and the rest is history

I was just thinking some people who read this blog may be wondering how I got connected with an orphanage in Haiti.  Back in 1998 0r ’97 or something, I was at school at the University of Miami. I attended a Catholic church down there in Coral Gables – St Augustine’s. It was (and Im sure still is)  a very vibrant, generous parish with mass music that often featured a Latin beat, a committment to serving the students at the university as well as the community, and lot of social outreach ministries.

One of those social outreach ministries – and I think it was connected to the youth group, was doing a fundraiser for this orphanage in Haiti. They had a pretty cool set-up: you donated a certain amount to sponsor an orphan, you got a picture of the child, and – and this was the immediate payoff – you took home a box of crispy creme donuts. I’d like to say I didnt eat the whole box myself, but I was a hungry broke grad student, and I can’t say for sure. Heh. At the time, there was another orphanage also seeking help from St Augustine’s and they were actually the first recipients of holiday drive returns (it was toys back then- remember the toy drive?”) .

I graduated in ’99 and came home and I wrote a letter to Br Luc asking how I could help him. He said — and this is a paraphrase – “You ask me what we need. My first reponse is to say ‘everything’.  And since that time, thanks to the bunch of people I know, holiday drive has sent something to Br Luc and the kids. It’s always just seemed like something God plunked down in front of me. Or maybe I am something God plunked down in front of the school. I don’t know, but there’s the story of how we are where we are.



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