Thanksgiving in the holla’


Becca and Dereck and the kids moved to South Holland, IL, I don’t know, 2 1/2 years ago? Dont ask me about math. I call it The Holla. This is my second thanksgiving there. After the last one, I had to go back. For some reason, two of my favorite memories of last year’s trip are from the supermarket. One was Ben and Sarah looking for a turkey among the many in the freezer.

The other is of this coconut bar Becca and I found that had 75%  – or was it 90% – I told you not to ask me about math – of the daily reccomended saturated fat. It was just wrong. But it was really funny, too, that it even exists.  Anyhow, those are some random things, aren’t they?

I also remember Becca made Paula Dean’s bannana pudding and I ate way too much. Probably not as much as Dereck, but. Hehheh. The kids and I made very un-pc construction paper Indian headdresses  which we wore, and we made some placemats which I am sure we will see again this year.

 Friday, we all went to see a movie then we went to see the lights at the zoo wher they do this great thing where they have the Christmas lights up all around the place  (think LaSalette meets Madagascar…) . The zoo is right across from Lake Michigan. I never in my life would have guessed I’d be spending the day after Thanksgiving across the street from a Great Lake.  

This is actually one of the last pictures that camera ever took because I dropped it later and broke it beyond repair. But it was still a great night…

I’m thankful for a lot of things this year and the (crazy) Jackson family is pretty high on the list.   I know it’ll be another fun trip.

And while I have your attention and as I am thinking about kids, fun, food, and gratitude, I hope you’ll take a look at the holiday drive page. I know it’s the worst time to ask, but, if the spirit grabs you, feel free to add a drop to the bucket for Sheepfold School in Haiti and Alex’s teens over at the CTA (I mean the teens he works with; Lexi is not a teenager yet…don’t tell her that. 🙂 ). They’ll thank you for it, and so will I.

Thanks for reading and may you have a Thanksgiving filled with blessings,



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