Gifts That Keep On Giving: Goats, Sheep and Sheepfold School

One thing I’ve noticed this year is there are a lot of Heifer International type giving opportunities online. You know, when you send a certain donation that’s enough to buy a certain thing – like, with Heifer International, you give them x amount and they can afford to buy a family a cow. Or you donate $6.95 and Sheepfold School can buy a kid food fo a week…I’m just saying….)

Obviously, they may not spend your money on precisely what you “buy”- there’s usually a disclaimer saying the money is sent where it’s most needed (and don’t we really want them to do that anyhow?). But still, it’s cool to see what your money can do. Your small donation makes a huge goat-sized difference.

Maybe such a gift would be perfect for that socially conscious (did I spell that right?) friend or relative if it connects to their favorite case. It’s original, too – if youre sick of getting your adult relatives sweaters  (cue 3 Amigos quote).  And as joke gifts for a good cause go, can you beat presenting someone with a card that says you bought $12 of manure in their name?

Anyhow, for those of you still shopping, here are some link for groups that have these type of programs:

Oxfam Unwrapped – this is where you can get the manure for your brother…I mean, for anyone…

Heifer International – livestock galore

World Vision  -thanks to Becca for this one.

World Wildlife Foundation  -home of the ever-popular adopt a panda; you can also ‘send a turtle to rehab.’ No comment.

Women For Women International  -as mentioned in Half The Sky ; gifts include sewing machines, tools and literacy classes

Sheepfold School – here’s just a reminder of how far your cash can go for Sheepfold School thru the Holiday Drive (now thru 12-19!)

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!!


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