Sheepfold of the Good Shepherd School, Port Au Prince, Haiti

Just a few days ago I got an email from Fr Luc in Port-Au-Prince thanking us for our donation. I felt so happy to have this connection- what a blessing. Now I feel saddness, which is a nothing compared to what a person must feel on the scene or wondering about loved ones. 

 I wonder if he and all the kids are okay. I wonder how many people lost their lives. This is a horrible night; it must feel like the night of 9-11 felt to us: waiting for the dust to settle. 

Even as I try to go about my business as we all do when bad things happen in other places we see on the news, I keep thinking about it. This country has just been smacked so many times. It’s so very sad.

But this is the time that people like us who can help, should help. Oxfam, Save the Children, Catholic Relief Services, Red Cross, all the usual people. Yele Haiti – Wyclef Jean’s group, Ben Stiller’s Stillerstrong, MSF, Partners in Health. These are people who we can donate to, to get things done. And it seems like there’s so much that will need to be done.  CNN has a long list of agencies taking donations for Haiti:

And pray.


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