Getting organized

All right, week after we got the amazing news that Fr Luc and the boys and young men of Sheepfold School in Port-Au-Prince were all fine, it is time to get organized here at One Page. The hodge podge of updates has ended and let us return to our regularly scheduled program.

I’d like to start by giving a list of links for agencies helping in Haiti:

Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, Save The Children, Oxfam, Partners In Health, UNICEF, World Food Programme.

I also want to thank everyone who joined the Sheefold friends group on FB. It meant a lot to me personally. I hope you check in often for updates. Anyone interested in giving to Fr Luc directly at this point can contact his religious order in Canada , specifically Brother Anthony, for more info:

815-472-3700 Ext. 285 or email

Here are the kids outside the school- where theyre living now. I’m sure as time goes by we will learn more ways to help Sheepfold specifically. Personally, I subscribe to the notion that anything that helps Haiti on the long road to recovery will help Fr Luc’s kids and all the other (0ver 300,000) orphans of the country. 

Thanks again for reading.


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