So, I went to the dentist today and learned I need this and that procedure. I also got  a perscription for antibiotics – 30 days worth.  I was thankful my dentist, whom I just met today, gave me something that- I hope- will make my tooth hurt a little less before I get on the ball and get the work done.

But I kept thinking how some people- even right here in the US – dont have dental insurance – not even the low level kind I have (not complaining, trust me…). I can’t imagine if your tooth really hurts to the point youre walking the aisles at the grocery store thinking “Yeah, can’t get that, too painful” but you can’t go somewhere to get it fixed.

And then I was looking at my perscription anti-biotics and was realizing there are people in Haiti (and way too many other places) who are literally going to die today or tomorrow because they can’t get a simple course of anti-biotics. Hopefully, at this point, there’s so much medication in Haiti people can get access to it- but you know people who fell through the cracks, and people who, those first few days, just ran out of time.

Medical care is a necessary thing, as important many times as food and water. Necessary here. Necessary in Haiti. Health care makes people strong again. Strong nations need strong people. The fewer people slipping through the health care cracks, the stronger the nation.


One thought on “Cracks

  1. oohh..been there! and i was fortunate enough, too, to have access to suitable dental care. i am glad you bring this up. oral health is important and can have a huge impact on your overall health, yet good dental coverage can be hard to find and a lot of people are faced with pricey procedures or the cheaper alternative – getting a tooth pulled.
    i’m also hoping the antibiotics are benefiting those in haiti that can still benefit from them..

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