So, the continuing learn-a-thon focusing on Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa continues. The serious topics of ethnic infighting and oil rights and development are forthcoming. But first, let’s go to the Nigerian movies…Let’s go to Nollywood.

What’s Nollywood? It’s the umbrella term for the  the highly prolific  Nigerian film industry- an industry that,  according to one source, churns out more films than the USA and India combined. Now that’s a lot of movies! (Over a thousand.) And a thanks to our old friend Karen, world traveller, for pointing out to me that Nollywood  and these thousands of movies even exist.

Here’s a description of Nollywood from  “Made with a spirit of grassroots entrepreneurship, Nollywood’s video-format B movies are vibrant and inventive, fusing traditional voodoo and magic with urban romance stories.”

Now, granted, by “films” here, we’re not talking Avatar-budget films with the latest special effects.  From what I gather it’s low-budget filmmaking, digital, and rapid-fire. They kind of remind me of  telenovellas on Univision. It’s also a very young industry- 15-20 years old. 

 As for subject matter – one article says the following:

“At first, films depicting cults and occult activity were popular, and an explosion of those kinds of films flooded the market, and then interest died down due to overexposure. Then, “epic” films — period films about tribes and West African history — were popular, and then the market was flooded, then interested waned…then love films, then action films. It is always in flux.”

Here’s  a look at some upcoming titles.

There have been a few  documentaries  (here’s another) made about Nollywood if you’re interested.

And here, of course, is a sample from youtube.

Im just scratching the surface here, of course. It’s interesting stuff.


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