So, new month, new theme. I’m taking it back to Haiti. It’s been almost three months since the earthquake, believe it or not.  So this month I’m going to focus on what’s being done down there, organizations that are helping, plans for the future, all that kind of thing.  

To start, here’s a photo of Fr. Luc (check out this article where he’s quoted…)  down at Sheepfold School where the rebuilding has begun.  (It comes from the Little Brothers FB page).  And following that is an address where you can send donations for the school.

Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd
Community Development Office
P.O.Box 736
Momence, Illinois 60954

Please make checks payable to The Brothers of The Good Shepherd and make a memo note “HAITI MISSION”.

Also, I have to say, friends of the blog, those of you who keep bibles handy and those who don’t, you know I’m not the most scripturally savvy person around. But I did happen to crack my bible open around Easter and I looked at an old favorite passage, Isaiah 58:6-12,  and towards the end, about 10-12, it  made me think of Fr Luc, even specifically in that picture.  I’ve never met the man and I’ve barely corresponded with him, but, I remember one email where he said he had faith that “divine Providence”  to always give them what they needed at Sheepfold.   Yet, of course, this didnt mean just sitting around waiting; he’s dedicated his life to taking action for these kids and asks others to do the same. 

But that was before the earthquake. I wonder- can you watch your city literaly crumble down around you and see 200,000 people die around you and lose the little you have and still have hope and faith and love? And put those things into action?

I’m looking at this photo of this 70 year old guy in the midst of this rebuilding,  and I’m thinking, yeah, I guess you can.

Thanks for reading.


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