Haiti: Images

Sorry for the huge delay between entries, but I had a variety of glitches hit my internet. In any case, I’m re-starting Haiti month, and I thought one jumping off point would be to post links where people can go and see images of Haiti. In the world of video, I’m still amazed how still life and photojournalism really pack a punch. Sometimes, just looking at something that’s silent and not moving can be a powerful thing.

So, here are some images of Haiti from various sources. I hope you’ll browse around. Thanks for reading….

April pictures from The BBC – babies, kids, housing, life going on… 

NYTime Editor ‘s trip to Haiti in Feb/March

Photographer from Indiana who went to a Haitian tent city in April

Washington Post Gallery of Haitian rock and metal salvagers in Port-Au-Prince

List of Time Magazine’s pictures of the day from Haiti from January through April

Life Magazine exists on line  – here are some January pictures of kids who survived the quake.

Life Magazine eyewitness photos of the quake

From April: well-known people helping in Haiti; mostly relevant to show the level of malnutrition there

More quake photos from Little Brothers’ facebook page   And here are some from their newsletter of before the quake


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