One of things the news kept reporting during the earthquake and its aftermath was how many charities and non-profits exist in Haiti. I think the number was somewhere around 10,000. The question of course was – “If there are so many groups, why isnt there more progress in Haiti?'”  Well, the answer to that question is way beyond me, but I do know that there are organizations and projects down in Haiti that, to my untrained eye, really do seem to be destined to make a difference and to improve life there.

One of these projects was noted this month by Bill Clinton in an article for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People issue. Clinton, who along with being a top 100 guy himself  is also UN Special Envoy to Haiti and directs a  Foundation which works  extensively in Haiti, singled out a man named Valentin Abe as  a “hero” for the work he is doing to grow – literally – a Haitan fishing industry. 

Dr. Abe is from the Ivory Coast and earned his PhD from Auburn (war eagle, holler…) but he has lived in Haiti over ten years and what he’s doing is pretty amazing. Basically, he is trying to make the island nation what you’d think it naturally should be, which is a fish exporting country that itself also consumes a lot of fish. Watching the video below I was impresed by this practical, sensible, healthy, green  idea. It really have me a sense of hope. Take a look:

Abe works through something called the Social Enterprise Fund, I guess. You can click on them to donate and learn the details of the project. They do other work in Haiti, too.


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