Water, water everywhere…

“When I was thirsty you gave me drink…”

Haiti is an island. Water remains a scarce commodity- potable water, that is. Making headway in getting water to people who need it is just one of the many pre-quake problems that the quake has made even more difficult and more necessary.  According to one site, over 5 million Haitians don’t have access to clean water.

If you live in Massachusetts, you know that certain towns went without water for a weekend because of a pipe bursting connected to the resevoir. Imagine if there were no stores to get bottled water from, no Water Department and state officials to fix the problem and get everything rolling again, no other things to drink, no electric and gas stoves to boil water on to make it potable? 

Clean water is essential to life. I really think it’s as simple as that.  There’s things we can do to help get water to people in Haiti.

I mentioned the Time 100 Most Influential People when I was talking about that fishing guy. Well, here’s another guy, Rauhl Singh, who was on the list.

He is a medic from the Canada, and he has a group that goes to Haiti and gets potable water to people.  I’d write more, but see for yourself:


If you think this is cool, check Global Medic’s website  and see how you can help.

Now, here’s another organization doing something. I actually had heard of this guy sometime prior to the quake. He used to be a big New York party guy or something then he had a change of mind, heart, life, something, and now he runs aq charitable group- using his high roller connections to make dough. I think all the projects are water-related.  The group is called Charity: Water 

Currently Charity: Water has a lot of different water-related projects going on in Haiti right now to help the quake recovery. They call their Haiti program Unshaken.  Their site has tons of media about what they’re doing down there.

Drop as you see fit.


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