Haiti Sunday

I’ve been wanting to make Sunday a day when I do a round up of articles and news about Haiti. Tomorrow is six months after the earthquake, so it seems a good point to start. Also, as July’s theme is freedom, I wanted to write about the child labor/slave problem in Haiti, so it all comes together.


First here are a few things I’ve picked up  from reading articles all over about Haiti right now:

There are still about six hundred thousand people who are living in tents or makeshift housing and this is the major, urgent problem facing Haiti right now. 

As for why this is here are some articles which detail the situation,  here are some articles about the situation. I hope you will give one a glance:

From the Miami Herald.  From The BBC. From The Toronto Star. From The NYTimes. 

The reasons for this include, of course, that this is the most vast catastrophe in our hemisphere since who knows when and that it happened in a country that was already severely deprived and hurting. Other reasons for the continued lack of housing include:

–Inaction and lack of organization by the Haitian government

–Inaction and lack of organization by the international commission assigned to monitor the rebuilding

–The fact almost 60-90% of the money pledged by foreign governments hasn’t been delivered

Organizations currently helping in Haiti include: Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Partners In Health, World Vision and Save The Children. Drop as you see fit.

Later this week I’m going to see what I can find about slave child labor in Haiti- and what we can do about it.

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