Haiti Sunday

Here is my second Sunday entry about Haiti, wherein I play content curator and try to put out front a few things I’ve seen in the news about Haiti recently.

The first is the always-interesting assessment of Wyclef Jean the former Fugees front man (I just wanted to use that alliteration) who has been one of the most vocal and consistent celebrity activists for Haiti since the quake – and before. This make sense as he is himself Haiti- it’s his country and his love for it is clear. (I would also note early suspscions that his YeleHaiti.org group wasnt on the up-and-up were resolved by experts in the field.)  He has a Huffington Post article up with his  personal take on Haiti’s present and future.

Also on HuffPost (which I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the site, but, it covers a lot of different subjects) I’d point out the bloggings of Beverly Bell, a longtime activist in Haiti.    Bell operates the Lambi Fund of Haiti  among other things.  There is definitely a political tilt to her articles, and not much love for the west. But  of course, there is huge reason for activists to be skeptical given how  Haiti has been exploited in the past. (Someday, I’ll write about my “two handed” theory of foreign involvement…) .  Bell opens her blog to Haitian activists and she and they have legit points.  Her most current article gives voice to three activists who point out the problem of poor farmers not having their own land, having no where to send their kids to school or to get health care, and how invasive foreign agriculture is a huge problem blocking Haiti’s agricultural progress. These are things many aid groups have also said.  Bell and her co-authors ask a lot of questions that we all should be asking if we care about what’s going to happen next in Haiti. She will get you thinking.  

I also want to point your towards a grassroots blog I have mentioned before and have been visiting a lot – The Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center.  The Rescue Center feeds starving kids, gets them back home to their parents. What I like about this blog is a) it is updated frequently b) the woman running it asks for specific things and offers specific, easy ways people can get involved from the comfort of their own homes like student sponsorships, etc.  c) there are tons of pictures that show the great need but also the great results the center is having. A good blog to bookmark if you want an on-the-ground view of Haiti and a good feed to follow on Twitter.

And to all those Facebook readers out there, I wanted to add that not only is Wyclef Jean’s YeleHaiti on FB and updated often, but three of my favorite non-profits and maybe 3 of yours too, OXFAM, PARTNERS IN HEALTH, and DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS – groups with long ties to Haiti and great repuations, also are on FB and if you “like” them, you can get frequent updates in your newsfeed about Haiti. It’s such an easy way to keep in touch with what’s going on in another part of the world. Personally, I like the reality check they give me when Im about to go on FB and grouse about some petty grievance.

I wanted to share two things from Sheepfold School. One is, someone put a link on Little Brothers of The Good Shepherd’s FB page (everyone’s on this dang thing)  to some photos his group took of Sheepfold School back in May. Among other things, these show the kids at school under a tent covering and also share that the US Army rebuilt the roof on the school’s bakery.  Also, if you havent joined the “Friends of Sheepfold School” group on FB, feel free.

The other bit of news was, I posted a question (again, on the Little Bros fb page) asking whether there had been any news of late from Fr Luc and they replied “‘repairs are progressing. The school has reopened.The need is still great. Please continue to pray for them.”  Just wanted to pass that along. (I  have also posted this info on the site I keep for them which has like 2 views a year…)

Donations for Sheepfold School can go (made out to Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd and with a memo “Haiti Mission”) to:

Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd
Community Development Office
P.O.Box 736
Momence,Illinois 60954

And I suppose that’s enough for this Sunday. But there’s so much more out there. Let me know if you find anything.


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