Learn-A-Thon II: Pakistan

So, I was thinking of how I havent been paying attention to the mammoth floods in Pakistan and the potential medical disaster that could follow…. Why? Stuff gets in the way,  “you can’t donate to everything…” – the usual reasons. I thought maybe I should post about this.

And I was thinking, then, how Pakistan is a) the 6th most populous country in the world b) probably the most strategically important country to US interests (that we arent currently occupying) and  c) a place where there are tons of issues involved past topics I’ve poked around on this blog. AND I KNOW ALMOST NOTHING ABOUT THE PLACE!

So Im going to give it the Learn-A-Thon Treatment: four weeks of accumulating surface level knowledge so I know at least a little bit.

The learn-a-thon is on.

And for the first entry, I’m going to just say this: You can text  50555 to SWAT to donate $10 to the UNHCR (UN agency dealing with refugees…) to help get water, tents and other supplies to Pakistan. 

Of course the old standbys of Oxfam and MSF and Save The Children are also “on the ground” and have pages with specifics of how you about what they’re doing and how people can help.

Thanks for reading!



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