Pakistan Basics

All right, so, the learn-a-thon is on. Ive been slacking, but here’s a few real basics to get rolling…There’s so much information and so much I am clueless about. This ought to be an educational week. . All right, Pakistan, show us what you’ve got….


First, let’s take a look at where this country is, since, I for one am a little shakey on the specific locale:

All right, so, we’re looking at a country wedged between –

-The 2 most populus nations in the world: China and India

-Afghanistan, which, as we know, along with Pakistan, has militant extremists like the Taliban among it’s populous.

-And … Iran

This is a complicated neighborhood….which means it’s important to know about. Yeah?

And you also can see where the Indus river is (if youre like me, you have no memory of Ancient Cultures class in school, let alone the maps involved…) This is where the flooding is- right down the middle of the country. I saw this interesting map  on CNN which showed the area affected  (more on this later)  is as big as Italy or the state of Florida. (The map is a sidebar on the right of the page…)

Here’s another thing to compare- the size by population. 

 Take a look at the the size of the country as compared to the size of its population:  

(That’s not everybody lol)

Land size-wise, Pakistan ranks 35th.  (The USA is 3rd).  Population wise, Pakistan ranks 6th with 177+ million.  So, we’re talking about a densely populated place. (37th in the world.) And a place with a significant part of the world’s population. They’ve also got the world’s 6th biggest military.


Pakistan has 4 provinces  and 4 territories.  Who knew?

The biggest province is Punjab. 73 million people live in that part  The city of Lahore that’s in the news so much is located there. The Pakistanti capitol of Islamasbad is its own territory – I guess like our Washington DC.

I always associate “Punjab” with India, but, it’s also a Pakistani province. Of course, this isn’t strange, since Pakistan was once part of India.  Pakistan became its own country in the wake of India shaking loose the British back in the era of Gandhi in 1947.  (More on that at a later date…once I have more to write than what I saw in the movie Gandhi…lol) . 

English and Urdu are the country’s two official languages. Here’s The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan in Urdu: اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکِستان

I’ll take wikipedia’s word for it.

It is of course, crucial to know that Pakistan is a Muslim country.  75% of the country is Sunni Muslim. More on Islam at a later date too. Here are a bunch of other stats.

And let’s end this with some flood aid organizations again.

Thanks for reading.


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