From Pakistan with ‘Glee’

Some pop culture today in the Pakistan learn-a-thon:  the principal from the show Glee was born in Pakistan.

His name is Iqbal Theba. He also guested as Abed’s dad on Community this season. (A better reference for me since Ive never seen Glee.) You’ve probably seen him in a ton of things and never known his name. His credit list is sizable.

You can read  Theba’s  his imdb here.   He’s also on Facebook and Twitter. (It looks like he answers fan tweets…) Fun fact: he went to college in Oklahoma.

Theba is one of many actors from South Asian backgrounds who have shown up lately on TV include. These include a diverse slate of performers from India,  Pakistan, England, and the USA. They are actors like the  aforementioned Community’s Danny Pudi who was born in Chicago, writer/actress/producer Mindy Kaling (Kelly from The Office);  The Good Wife’s Emmy-nominated Archie Panjabi of the UK; The Daily Show’s Asif Manvi, South Carolina born stand up comic Aziz Ansari of Parks & Recreation.

Glee, on Fox, tells the ongoing story of a misfit show choir at a quirky high school. It’s  a Best Comedy nominee this Sunday’s Emmy Awards facing stiff competition from Modern Family. A variety of Theba’s co-stars including Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison have been nominate in acting categories. Glee has gotten a lot of buzz for its incorporation of pop music performances in each episode.

To donate to the Pakistan flood relief effort, text “SWAT”  (as in Swat Valley) to 50555. Then reply “yes” when prompted. The $10 donation will be added to your cell phone  bill.


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