One Voice From Pakistan

I happened to see that Nicholas Kristof has turned his blog over several times to a 17 year old young woman from Pakistan. Her name is Sher Bano.  She is from the Pashtun ethnic group and is a devout Muslim. She studied in the US for a while. Im impressed by these unique insights into life in Pakistan.

This entry is from her on-the-ground experiences in the Pakistan floods. Very vivid and direct. Puts you right there.

Here is a detailed compare-contrast between life where she lives now  and where she studied abroad here in the states. A good primer on her culture.

And here   is her frank explanation of her feelings and her plea for some basic understanding on the “pictures of Mohammed” issue. (Note- when she mentions the carbombers and cartoonists are the flip side of the same coin, I take it to mean, they’re both intolerant of each other and/or they are both ulitmately insulting Islam. You will have to interpret it for yourself, but I dont think she is saying killing is the same as drawing…)

She also blogs about arranged marriage; I haven’t read that yet.

So cool to see a site as prominent as the NYTimes giving space to this young voice. 

Here’s the page  with all Nicholas Kristof’s Pakistan-related pieces. Lots of stuff.  I dont mean to overload on this blog with his work and Half the Sky stuff, but, hey, when there’s a big trove of articles sitting there, why not partake.  

Oh, and here’s something my mom found – a quick, easy way for people with paypal accounts to donate to reputable groups working on Pakistan flood relief.  Nice one, Lee.

Thanks for reading!


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