List Month: 5

This month I’m going to work on finishing my list of 500 charitable organizations. I welcome any suggestions- just send me a link or a name.  Here are some I’ve come across lately.

The AFE Foundation.  Ambiotic Fluid Embolisms. You’ve never heard of them, either?  Well, they’re in fact deadly serious. AFE is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in the world – and the leading cause in the USA specifically. A pregant woman who has this condition during labor often (80% of the time….)  does not survive.  Unfortunately, the causes of AFE  are unknown.  Research is needed. The AFE Foundation aims to “spur clinical research, raise awareness, provide clinical and patient based information and offer supportive services to those affected by or interested in Amniotic Fluid Embolism.”  Visit the site to learn more and donate.

Afghan Women’s Writing Project.  This program gets Afghani women make their voices heard. With mentoring from American writers, Afghani women contribute poems, essays, and stories to the program’s website, giving all their readers insight into a world we usually only hear about second hand. A very cool project. Along with the stories and a link for donations, the site also has a form where experienced writers can apply to be mentors.

New Hope for Cambodian Children.  This organization “provides holistic care to children infected with HIV/AIDS, and provides social support to over 1000 infected children and their affected families.”  You can get involved by sponsoring  a child or actually travelling  to Cambodia and volunteer on-site.

Solars Cookers International. Here’s one I heard about a while back. This organization helps women in Africa “to make, use, and sell solar cookers for meal preparation and water pasteurization in order to benefit their families, communities, and environments.”  Women with solar cookers dont have to leave their refugee camp to gather firewood; this lessens the chance they will be raped. I hate to have to write that sentence, but it’s true.

Malaria No More.   Malaria. A disease we don’t think about too often here in the USA, but a gigantic killer in countries all over the world. And by that I mean, according to this site, a child dies every 45 seconds of malaria. This group aims to “end malaria deaths.” Im with that. They use a business model approach, for those of you who are in business.


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