33 More- with a little help from my friends

The list is at 167 so let’s even it up – ’cause you know about my math skills.

But before I start, I want to pass along a few resources many of you probably have heard of before. One is CharityNavigator.  They rank charities by their efficiency – how much money goes to the cause vs. overhead. Theyre not the be-all-end-all, but they’re helpful and they have a ton of charities listed and sortable.

Also,  here are some clearinghouse type sites:  Jolkona  has all kinds of international and domestic projects you can micro-fund from all over the world. Donorschoose.org   is a site where teachers from all over the US post their needs- money for new books, new computers, trips, special software, ect. and ask for specific amounts of money to cover these items. It’s really cool.  Kickstarter.com  is a similar thing except if focuses on projects in the arts. 

Okay, so, back to the list….

Kathy, friend of the blog, introduces us to the Portsmouth Firefighters Charitable Association which is currently raising money for a local medic and mom who is fighting breast cancer.  Her husband and sister-in-law recently ran the 5K to help the fund.

Karen, another friend of the blog shares a few.  For one, her niece has been involved with a before-school fitness program for kids in Natick, MA. It’s called FitKidz (and you can vote for it to get funding through PepsiRefresh. ) As a loyal BC alum she also reminded me of The Doug Flutie Jr Foundation For Autism.

Karen also wanted to invite us to check out the program she worked for down in Mexico: Casa Franciscana Outreach. She says the place offers: “…Food, education, housing, healthcare, medical trips, and more. Though led by a Franciscan, the Casa is almost entirely staffed by local Guaymenses as they know the community best – what is needed and how best to get it done.”  Sounds awesome.  She also gives a shout out to Club Jerry, a boys & girls club in Mexico serving the same area.

Friend of the blog  Elaine (I am soooo trying to be Steven Colbert) introduces a British agency helping in The Gambia in Africa.  Elaine tells us Pageant UK  does “a lot regarding building schools, paying or supplementing tuition fees for poor families, and do it all in a very grassroots kind of way.”  A young man Elaine’s been sponsoring for a while has been helped by this group.

That’s seven, so I need to come up with six.  In honor of my turtle Gandhi I will list The Galapagos Conservancy which is apparently US-based agency helping to take care of the natural treasure of the Galapagos islands. You can adopt a big fat tortoise. Which is awesome.

I will add the Artists Exchange  in Cranston RI where they do all kinds of art including theatre with casts that include people with mental disabilities. They also put on one of my short plays. 🙂 .  Operation Blessing is a Charity Navigator four star faith-based organization that’s dedicated to the “core programs of disaster relief, medical aid, hunger relief, orphan care, water wells and community development” . That’s a lot. They have a cool website that lets you pick where your money goes from hunger relief to anti-parasite medication.

Three more: The McGinty Scholarship Foundation, which gives scholarships to college-bound kids here in Foxboro and is named in honor of Foxboro resident Michael McGinty who was killed on 9-11.  The United Negro College Fund which aids 40 of American’s traditionally black colleges and The Providence College Angel Fund  which helps students at one of my alma maters, PC,  stay when their families hit unexpected financial problems.

That brings us to one 180….I think.  Thanks for people who passed along ideas. Send more !


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