26 More: A-Z

The list is growing like crazy! Look at this, 26 more- bringing us up to 221! This list is random, except it’s in alphabetical order.

Ashoka –  Funding people with innovative aid ideas;  Barakat  – educating women in Afghanistan;  Children’s Museum of Easton; Deborah’s Place –  helping homeless women in Chicago ;   Everglades National Park   ; Field Museum – awesome stuff in Chicago…

Girl Scouts of the USA  – cookies! ; Habitat For Humanity International  ; Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund Joru Foundation  – School aid in tibet; Lambi Fund Haiti   works with community groups for economic progress;  MADRE   – rights and resources for women internationally; National Children’s Oral Health Foundation  – dental care for poor kids

Orphans of Rwanda – creating youth leaders…Project Concern – health/development internationally; Quest4Change – UK based international volunteers ; Rhode Island Community Food Bank  ;  Save The Manatee Club  – founded by Jimmy Buffett ; Trees for the Future  trees for sustainable development in places like Haiti…

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Village Volunteers -volunteers in rural areas of developing countries ; Wetlands Initiative – conservation if Illinois wetlands;  X-Prize Foundation – rewarding tech innovation ; Yachana Foundation–  rainforest preservation in Ecuador; Zambia’s Scholarship Fund  – giving kids in Zambia access to education.


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