Our Millennium Developoment Goals, Ourselves

LOL. That was a take off of the book title “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” Anyhow, Im taking a break from compiling my list of 500 charitiable groups to make a little note of the Millenium Development Goals which are all the rage at the UN this week. I havent been clear on what these goals are, but with the big UN hubub about it this week and through pursuing Jolkona which relates all its projects to the goals, I thought I would do some investigating and get caught up.

So the goals are basically things the world community came up with in 2000 thru the instrument of the UN as what the world as a whole wants to work towards.  (Their starting points are 1990 stats) Here they are:

ERADICATE EXTREME POVERTY & HUNGER :  There are three areas –> cut the numbers in half of people living off a dollar a day; same for people who suffer hunger; and achieve full, productive, decent employment for all including women and “young people”. Here’s the facts on progress so far.

ACHIEVE PRIMARY UNIVERSAL EDUCATION:   Here is the UN assessment  of the problem as it stands now and also an interesting list of what is working to achieve this goal in the developing world.

ELIMINATE GENDER DISPARITY  :  The focus of this goal for 2015 is providing women with more equal access to education

REDUCE CHILD MORTALITY – this goal focuses on lowering the number of children who die before they reach age 5. There are some more examples of what’s worked here.

IMPROVE MATERNAL HEALTH: As this blog has talked about before, there is a huge problem in developing countries with women dying in child birth or right after. Lowering this number is the focus of the goal.  This includes increasing women’s access to health care.

COMBAT HIV/AIDS – this disease has had a gigantic and tragic effect on countries worldwide, including obviously even here in the US.  Some quick facts and current things being done to reach this goal.

ENSURE ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY  This is a big goal with several components including some that stretch into 2020. One point made is “a decisive response to climate change is needed.”  Duh.

DEVELOP A GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP FOR DEVELOPMENT:   This includes stuff like debt and trade and countries working together to help countries that are most struggling.

So there they are. Kind of a good overview of what needs fixing in the world. The “why” of some of these problems or most of them is complex. But admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery, isnt it?


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