400: State by State

Tried to figure out another way to put these together, so I did one from each state (sorry WDC, maybe next time..) .   Sorry the states aren’t alphabetical, but I copied a list and thats the way it came out.

AL Jimmy Hale Mission  ; MT Greater Yellowstone Coaltion ; AK Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis ; NE Open Door Mission ; AZ  El Rio Community Health Center; NV Aid for AIDS of Nevada ; AR Arkansas Literacy Council ; NH New Hampshire Humane Society ; CA Skid Row Housing Trust  ; NJ New Jersey Seeds ; CO The Challenge Foundation ; NM Solace Crisis Treatment Center ; CT Coaltion to End Homelessness ; NY Hour Children ; DE William E Proudford Sickle Cell Fund ; NC Welcome Baby ; FL BETA Center Orlando ; ND Whispering Hope Ranch ; GA Atlanta Community Food Bank ; OH Shoes And Clothes For Kids ; HI Joyful Heart Foundation ; OK Infant Crises Services ; ID Idaho Conservation League ; OR Cascade AIDS Project ; IL Chicago Public Education Fund ; PA Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation ; IN Second Helpings ; MA HealthFirst Family Care Center ; RI Meeting Street School ; IA Camp Courageous ; SC Riverbank Zoo And Garden ; KS The Land Institute ; SD Native American Heritage Association ; KY Shelter of Hope ; TN Safe Haven Center ; LA Acadian Outreach Center ; TX Austin Children’s Center ; UT Adopt-A-Native-Elder ; MD US Dream Academy ; VT Therapy Dogs of Vermont ; VA The Alternative House ; MI Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan ; WA YouthCare ; MN COMPAS  ; WV Appalachian Trail Conservancy ; MS Baston Hospital ; MO Truman Medical Centers ; WY Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance

There’s a lot of political divides in the country these days, but this list reminded me there are a lot of people who make it their business to feed and educate people, take care of sick or homeless or abused fellow humans, look out for vulnerable animals or the environment over which we have stewardship, and use their gifts, time, resources to help their communities. A lot of people are putting a drop in the bucket all around the USA.

Thanks for reading.


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