October is Baseball Month

Why not. Who knows where this will lead…probably nowhere good…Let me start by just breaking down my thoughts on who I can back in the the playoffs now that it’s finally clear who’s in them:

Philadelphia Phillies: no underdog factor– cheering for them is like cheering for Michael Phelps; crappy airport

Atlanta Braves: Supported by Satan since the 1990s; I can’t let go of my old animosity. No Expos fan can root for an Atlanta win.  YOUPPI LIVES! lol

San Fransisco Giants:  Despite the The Bay and the legacy of  Say Hey

…there’s no way…Im cheering for this boring team.

Tampa Rays:  Negatives: they took a spot we could have had; their uniforms look too much like Toronto’s;  plusses: they did what few teams have been able to for years, they broke up the Boston-New York AL East  monopoly and they HAVE A TANK OF RAYS AT THEIR HOME FIELD AND THAT IS AWESOME.

New York Yankees: No comment is really needed here.

Minnesota Twins:  I will have to consult Jake and Ryan on this.

Texas Rangers:  Thank you for not being the Anaheim Angels and thank you for not being the Houston Astros.  My mom likes you for the win. Chuck Norris may also like you. And Clarence Gilyard. And The Lone. lol.

Cincinatti Reds: Welcome back to the post season.  Dont worry, no one remembers Marge Schott.  I like you Reds. You’re different. You remind me of the word “Cinnamon” a little, and youre red, like cinnamon-flavored gums usually are.  I created a character once from your town. Youre kind of the cool, mysterious type, like “Who the hell knew they even had baseball in Cincinatti the last twenty years?”  A win for you sends a message to other long-suffering teams like Pittsburg, Washington, and Seattle. And that message is “We’re a lot better than you are this year.” 

Is that all of them? Yeah. Well, then… play ball!


One thought on “October is Baseball Month

  1. I vote Yanks… I will admit that I am a long-time follower of them. Yes, I am one of those people. Proud of it in fact. IF not the Yanks, then MN. That is for my Dad. Well, there are my votes.

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